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Before & After Pictures

Weathered Logwork

Log work, wood railing, weathering, sealing, staining, how to fill cracks in wood logs, before pic

It had been 8 to 10 years since the logs were sealed and stained.

Restored posts & railings

Restored wooden logs, stained logs, sealed logs, refinished logs, after picture, wooden log railing

Application of high quality stain & sealer after a bit of prep work restored their original beauty. 

Severely Weathered Siding

weathered siding, before picture, sun damage, exterior house painting, fading, wood rot, scraping.

Many years of direct sun really damaged this siding; almost beyond repair.

After Restoration

sanding, sealing. priming, painting, calking, restoring exterior siding, house painting, after pic.

Sanding, sealing & painting repaired the damage before it was too late.

Neglected Cedar Fence

before pic, weathered cedar fence, mildew, dirt, pressure washing, grime, landscaping, lattice work

It doesn't take long around here for wooden fences to look bad as they collect dirt, dust and grime. 

After Washing & Stain

restored cedar fence after pic. pressure washing, staining, painting, restoration, refinishing

Pressure washing & a coat of stain will make a big difference in appearance and avoid more costly replacement.

Weather Worn Siding Panels

weather worn trailer siding before pic. wood rot, spackling, renovation, exterior painting, sanding

This customer was told the siding & trim had to be replaced at a very high cost.

Sanded & Painted

Exterior house painting after pic. sanding, painting, grouting, restoring, quality products

 I proposed sanding, sealing & painting in lieu of replacement as a much less costly solution.